New ideas

While i was in reservist, gosh i really got lots of free time inside. Then one night i reflected on the current process of my online business with this WorkingfromHome course. An idea suddenly pop while i link doing things i like - i like the companionship with my bibi. I want to make our relationship as colourful, fun, lovley, memorable, exciting, adventures, recalling the wooing stage when i was pretty creative on the dates though it was a tough chase process. But all worthwhile. But after the wooing stage it seem like my ideas are running out and time for her getting less as I was searching for way & means to earn money. Going out for activities, dinning, gift for her & myself all need money. Things we do become pretty routine. Thus combining the knowledge learn from working from home course. I decide to try it out on the idea - Creating a blog which recorded our activities, Romance Journey of Sam & Clarissa

  • putting photos we took online & commenting on it.
  • can share on good place for activities like, dates, food, clothings, gifts, romantic place, suprises etc
  • take video as it getting popular, people like visual effects. At the same time, during our webbing dinner day! we could cut a 2hrs firm out from the list of collection which i foresee will be very special. (recalling one of the advertisment by SAF, if your life is a movie how would you like it to be ?) if you were to share your experenices of you & your partner, how would you want it to be ?
  • she used to say why i never sms or call. Well its a simple things to do, but as the day goes by it really get into cycle. Thus putting a columm for lovely, romantic short message would be great
  • and much more....
the blog will be

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Success formula - working from home

I recall one of the book I read from Adam Khoo - Singapore Youngest Self Made Millionaire. Inside one of the Chapter, it talk about the success formula. Basically it's start off with having a Goal -> Plan/strategy -> Action -> feedback -> success

When I relate it to first goal I set for working from Home blog.

Target SGD $1000 in 30 Days,
Start Date : 10 Jul 2008
Checkpoint Date : 8 Aug 2008

Till date is 2 Aug and I m left with 6 days to achieve that. How m I gonna achieve it ? What have I accomplish so far since 10 Jul. Well I kinda of diverted here and there from personal work & other commitment eg reservist. But those are all excuses. I always believe human mind are the strongest & most resourceful in the world. Look at the rockets, planes, car, office, software, food everything come from a thought which is created by the human mind. Even working from home thoughts spark from a human mind too.

The Goal setting was pretty clear & specific but I lack a detail plan & an activities log sheet. If the goal look too big, a effective way of achieving it - break the goal into small goals at different check point. Even if you did not meet the expect timing, you wont be far from the direction you are heading. Act like a compass always pointing to the direction north (your goals) no matter what happen. In this case, always focus on achieving an income stream working from home.

I will work on the plan & upload it later in the day. stay tune ....

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*Squeezing in the transport worst it too crowded you really got no space
*raining morning !
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